We want you to feel at home with us at GymClass, as all are welcome in our community. We stand with you in whatever journey you’re on to give you the tools to succeed! 

With a strong focus on personal training, we infused our sessions with purpose and progression of movement. No frilly moves here! We create each session with intention to progress you and your body to the next level! No more searching for workouts with results, we lead you there and leave zero guesswork.

We want to connect, not only as a fitness community, but as friends!  We take pride in showing up for YOU, and hope you honour the same belief in yourself. 

Meet your

Co-founder of GymClass

I'm a blessed wife to my wonderful husband and mother to three kiddos. You can usually find me camping with friends and family, baking, listening to crime podcasts and drinking alllll the coffee! I know, I know, it should be green tea or something healthier or groundbreaking :)


My first love happened before my beautiful family was formed. I first fell in love with sport and fitness in the early years of track and field, soccer and school sports. This love carried on into obtaining my Diploma in Kinesiology and Sport Promotion.


Throughout the years I have picked up so many valuable tidbits from every certification I complete, which has made my training style unique. My expertise is well-rounded and my personality is sprinkled with just enough "no BS". But not to worry, I usually train with a cheesy grin on my face!


It’s been well over a decade since I began working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and overall cheerleader for anyone wanting to push themselves, or make the scary leap into something new and different. My values as a person primarily revolve around family and relationships, and my clients are no exception.  I can’t wait to see your face in GymClass!




The other Co-founder of GymClass

I have been fully immersed in the fitness and sport world for as long as I can remember. From putting on my first skates at 3, to becoming a competitive figure skater and soccer player, and then continuing to pursue my passion by completing a Kinesiology Degree. From there I jumped with both feet into the world of personal training, group fitness, Pilates, exercise therapy and athlete development. I can truly say I get to live my passion through my job.


As a mother to 2 beautiful children, I believe my lifestyle helps me be a better parent and I love that my fitness and family world get to coincide.  Together they make me whole.  A cup filled with love, health, laughter, and a whole lot of caffeine.


Community, education, purposeful movements and some fun are what we are all about at GymClass and I’m so excited we’ve crossed paths. Now get your ass to class ;)